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Eve Adams With Her Nostalgic Track "A Walk In The Park"

Independent jazzfolk artist Eve Adams follows her captivating "You're Not Wrong" single with her newest offering "A Walk In The Park," due out next week. As a captivating writer from Los Angeles who heralds the undying influence of 20th century Americana music, her folk-noir sound tells stories of "dark, domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors, equal parts violence and romance." Following the release of her newest single "A Walk In The Park" she projects a very soothing sound that will instantly grasp your ears. Beginning the track with a slow jazzy beat leading onto her soft and luscious vocals she captures the track to it's entirety. To the production and the vocals this track is surly one for multiple listens. Explaining the track further it's about escaping into the fantasy of a new romance. Like the feeling of getting to know someone new, walking around in the dark, with nothing but the night to notice. It's one sensual but soft track that anyone is able to enjoy. It would be perfect to be played for a late night drive or just being alone within your thoughts. To the soothing sounds that her voice presents you will truly be intrigued. Go stream "A Walk In The Park" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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