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Eva Snyder With Her Outstanding Track "Transparent"

Eva Snyder is an upcoming artist who is a bi-coastal singer-songwriter. Originally from Western Mass, she had taught herself how to play guitar and moved to California before relocating to Nashville, TN. Her pop-country sound is flirty, sassy, and never afraid to slap you in the face with some hard truth. Eva released her first EP, Balance, as her college thesis, and she is currently in the process of recording and releasing a second EP which will experiment with more pop sounds while celebrating country lyrics and stories. Following her newest release "Transparent" she introduces a very interesting concept in this track in which is something really relatable. It begins with a groovy beat leading onto he sweet and capturing vocals. It has a great flow to it which anyone would be able to enjoy. This track is about owning who you are and championing yourself to those around you. It's about accepting your flaws and wearing them proudly as you walk through life. It's an amazing track to check out!






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