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Estella Dawn - "Hallow"

Estella Dawn is a New Zealand born, Colorado based singer-songwriter. At 23 her work speaks with maturity and confidence. Her songs are a mixture of pop, neo-soul and rock, delivered with an open hearted honesty. While her songs bring you close, her voice never lets you go, Estella sings with the melodic command, subtlety and range that spans genres from Billie Holiday to Billie Eilish, we definitely hear the Billie Eilish influence.

She's on track to delivering a full length LP, by the end of the year. The story starts from a young age, getting into songwriting, piano, guitar, music production. So really Estella has been a musician all her life. Now there is a richness and depth in her voice that has comes from years of hard work and constant singing. With her latest track "Hallow" we felt like we were at an opening to a James Bond movie, this singer is very soulful, singing about pure emotion. Estella Dawn starts about the person in her life promising all these things to her, but she's different, she's tough. She sounds like she couldn't care less about this "tough guy" she sings about, but she's tougher, burning in the mans finger tips. The production is full. We hope to hear more from this burning flower.



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