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Estatuas de Sol - "San Junípero Cuántico"

In a synthesis of science fiction inspiration and synthpop vibes, Estatuas de Sol presents "San Junípero Cuántico", this track explores the fascinating concept of colonizing distant worlds by immaterially traveling through virtual reality, with consciousness restored upon reaching a habitable planet. As Estatuas de Sol unfolds this quantum tale, listeners are invited to embark on a sonic journey that fuses futuristic concepts with the nostalgic allure of synthpop. The infusion of technological and sound enhancements mirrors their commitment to staying relevant in an ever-evolving music landscape. Estatuas de Sol, currently comprising Alfonso Crespo and Fernando Martín, is no newcomer to the music scene. Established in 1992, the project has undergone various transformations, incorporating talents like Manuel Rodriguez, Sonia Martin, Zígor López, Grace Ballestero, Illo López, and Julián Condado. Their electronic pop, or Synthpop, style draws influences from the sounds of the 80s and 90s. "San Junípero Cuántico" is a musical expedition inspired by the narrative threads of science fiction series and films. The theme envisions a crew's immaterial journey lasting thousands of years within a virtual reality, only to be restored to their physical selves upon reaching a distant, habitable planet—a concept that merges the realms of quantum theory and speculative fiction. Listen now!


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