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ESAI With His Melancholy Track "SLO MO"

Upcoming artist ESAI is one amazing act that has just popped into our radar, his music stems from his filmmaking background and his passion for telling stories and expressing feeling. ESAI has worked as a filmmaker with Emmy award-winning shows such as "Queer Eye" and for companies such as Netflix, ITV, Discovery, and more. ESAI has opened up for artists such as Bazzi and Futuristic. Following the release of his newest single "SLO MO" he projects a soothing track that will certainly captivate your ears. Starting the song with soft instrumentation leading onto his sweet and luscious he fully completes the track. Explaining the track further it's about having that feeling when you shouldn't be with someone but you really like them and not knowing what's the right choice. To the vocals and production, this track will truly bring out some sentimental thoughts but yet bring some type of closure when listening. It would be just perfect while watching the sunset or being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "SLO MO" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks. Can't wait to see what more ESAI has in store!



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