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Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - "Osiris at the Large Hadron Collider"

Welcoming the electrifying energy of Erotic Secrets of Pompeii with their latest single, "Osiris at the Large Hadron Collider." This track is a fascinating fusion of New Wave, Post-Punk, and Art Rock, showcasing a unique blend that's both energetic and distinctively edgy.

The vocals in "Osiris at the Large Hadron Collider" have a distinct John Maus-like quality, adding a pop-punk feel that's both captivating and raw. This release is part of a thrilling buildup to Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's debut album, set for release in January, followed by a headline UK tour. The band is also introducing a bold new look and live show, marking a significant milestone in their journey. We personally think that this track channels the spirit of influential artists like Queens of the Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand, Primus, Gang Of Four, and the Pixies. It's an energetic composition that reflects the band's unique artistic vision and their ability to push the boundaries of genre conventions. Listen to "Osiris at the Large Hadron Collider" now. Get ready for a journey that's as energetic as it is artistically profound.


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