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Erika Tham - "Shhh"

LA-based pop/R&B singer-songwriter and actress Erika Tham makes a fiery entrance this year with new single “Shhh” and premieres the coinciding Patrick Wilcox-directed video today. Erika Tham says "'Shhh’ came together off the back of a joke made during a writing session. I remember talking to Deion Gill and Major Myjah, and I said ‘you know when someone’s cute, until they open their mouth and ruin it?’ We'll tell you what, it's absolutely heart breaking and true, whenever you have a crush on someone and they just have mildy wild opinions, although they can have them, they're wild. The singer is absolutely luscious with her singing style and vocals and think that she has what it takes to become a star of the future if she keeps this lane up and only continues to get better, listen below.


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