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Erik Frank With A Groovy Track "Low Key"

A unique talented artist has returned to our site known as Erik Frank having amazing music out he has amassed over 300 million streams and is usually known for his talented singing and songwriting skills. Born in village of just 200 people, the idea of becoming a star was the very definition of a long shot. Getting out wasn’t easy. Moving from Spain to France, the U.K. and finally landing the U.S., Erik’s formative years and global experience began to permeate his music. His blend of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop is as unique as the countries he’s lived in. Following his newest release "Low Key" this truly a special track to listen too. Taking things a bit slower Frank captivates his audience with this outstanding track. Starting the beat with a melodic feel and slowly leading onto a groovy upbeat energy it's surely a track to jam out too. To explain this track a bit further it's about having this strong feeling for someone and wanting to be with them so you do whatever you can to get that love back. It takes you on a journey from the start of the track by starting really slow and leading onto an upbeat feel that will definitely capture you. Anyone listening can vibe to this with the immense energy it projects. Go stream "Low Key"




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