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Erica Nockalls - "In Every Dream Home a Heartache"

English vocalist and violinist Erica Nockalls is making waves in the world of alternative music with her dark and intense reinvention of Roxy Music's classic track, "In Every Dream Home a Heartache." Known for her collaborations with iconic bands like The Wonder Stuff and Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as her solo work that blends elements of electro, synth, and industrial music, Erica Nockalls brings a unique and cinematic sound to this timeless song.

Nockalls' rendition of "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" is a twisted duet that takes listeners on a bleak and dystopian journey. In this reinterpretation, Erica takes on the role of the doll-like figure, while Parisian studio producer and artist Jean-Charles Versari serves as her male counterpart. Their haunting vocal interplay adds a fresh layer of depth to the song, creating an atmosphere that's both chilling and captivating.

This reinvention comes on the heels of Erica Nockalls' recent single, "Build Me a Ship," which was released in anticipation of her UK tour supporting the legendary band Echo and the Bunnymen. Nockalls' ability to reimagine classics while infusing them with her unique style is a testament to her artistic versatility and innovation.

For fans of gothic, dark wave, cyberpunk, and darksynth music, Erica Nockalls' take on "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" is a must-listen. It's a bold and imaginative interpretation that pays homage to the original while pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. With influences from artists like Lykke Li, This Mortal Coil, and Cocteau Twins, Nockalls continues to carve her own niche in the world of alternative music, captivating audiences with her unpredictable and cinematic sound. Listen now.


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