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Eric Jaye - "Home Cookin'"

Introducing Eric Jaye with "Home Cookin'". Drenched in a beautiful falsetto and steeped in modern soul, this track offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that's perfect for cuffing season.

Categorized under Retro Soul, Neo-Soul, and Funk, "HOME COOKIN'" is a masterful concoction of mood and melody. The mood is undeniably sexy, chill, and romantic, resonating with fans of similar artists like Yaahn Hunter Jr., Gwen Bunn, Steve Lacy, and Pharrell Williams. The song is slick with metaphors, beautifully illustrating the idea of coming home to a soul-satisfying meal after a long day.

Eric Jaye is no stranger to the music scene though we think. Raised in the Hampton Roads city of Newport News, Virginia, he has been in tune with an eclectic mix of genres since childhood. What sets Eric apart is his musical ability; he plays all the instruments heard in "HOME COOKIN'," showcasing his versatility and skill. The instrumental is enchanting, creating a waltz-like setting that effortlessly compliments his smooth, warm vocals. Listen now!


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