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Entendres x Wffls With Their Soothing Track "Livestream"

Introducing Entendres and Wffls who have come together to give us an amazing track called "Livestream". Entendres is a (poet and lyricist Matt Gano) who showcases his off-kilter poetic delivery on time with producer/composer Chris Carroll’s visionary “dreamhop” sound for the 2020 debut “Generations.” The two have worked in collaboration for more than a decade. ENTENDRES’ complex wordplay and surreal imagery are born out of the hip hop avant-garde and influenced by Seattle’s literary lens. A published author, former slam champion, and international touring artist his work has appeared on some of the world’s most legendary stages. Wffls aka TMLO, a music producer & DJ from Tacoma, WA by way of Cary, North Carolina, crafts jazzy, soulful, and cinematic hip-hop inspired by the paradoxically sublime melancholia of life as a millennial American. Equally comfortable in days-long studio solitude as he is on sage in front of thousands, Wffls’ music and personality bring seeming opposites together in unique harmony. The result is music that is simultaneously new and old, melancholy & euphoric, beautiful & ugly, polished & raw. Wffls's production credits include artists such as Blake Anthony, DoNormaal, AJ Suede, Perry Porter, Yodi Mac, Peasantboys, and more. With the release of their newest single "Livestream", they project a soothing track that will certainly grasp your attention. Starting the track with soft instrumentation leading onto their sweet and smooth vocals they complete the track entirely. Explaining the track further it's about the pandemic we are in during covid-19, can't do much other than staying home and just chill. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you laid back chilling. It would be just perfect for a late night drive or just at home studying. Go stream "Livestream" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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