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Emily James Hits Deep With Single "Tired"

I found tired after looking trough music today, It wasn't send to me but I had to write about it and lay my thoughts down. At the moment I feel like the single, Not so emotionally unavailable as usual, But today I do feel tired and the artist describes to the t what it really feels like. From the laid back beat, which the producer definitely took their time on and make sure that every element fit in accordingly, it sounds minimal, almost like "not trying" which I hope doesn't contradict my statement, because the track perfectly fits the emotion is all. It sounds like the single would fit in a coming of age movie, this is an emotion every feels or have felt at some point so the song can be relevant after almost any bad situation. James, who co-produced the track, wrote it from a very personal place and wanted to share it in the hopes of helping others who were going through a difficult time. She stated "I hope ‘tired’ can provide comfort to someone, letting them know that it's okay to not be okay, and they're no alone in the way they're feeling."The 21-year-old independent artist, has been putting her heartfelt lyrics and melodies out into the world for the past four years now, take a listen now.



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