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Elyrix - "Play Your Games" (feat. Nicole Musoni)

Welcome to the soulful world of "Play Your Games" an emotional and evocative single by Elyrix featuring Nicole Musoni. Nestled in the genres of Contemporary R&B and Adult Contemporary, with a touch of Indie Pop, this track serves up an intricate blend of romantic, chill, and sexy moods.

The sound feels like a homage to artists like The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Tory Lanez we think. Elyrix's vocal delivery is rich in emotional depth, reminiscent of the evocative storytelling seen in PARTYNEXTDOOR's music. Nicole Musoni's contributions add a different layer to the track, reminiscent of Ashanti's complementary vocal styles. As young artists, both Elyrix and Nicole Musoni are on a path to refine and perfect their unique styles, and "Play Your Games" seems like another promising step in that direction.

Elyrix's journey in music has been nothing short of inspiring. His debut album, "I Feel Better Alone," was recorded in his basement and laid the foundation for his future success. The album's reception allowed him to build his own recording studio, where he produced his second critically acclaimed album, "break & tell." His music has since taken him to various venues across the United States even, including a notable performance at MR JONES in Miami. Listen now.


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