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eLxAr - "Should I Go On"

Introducing eLxAr. "Should I Go On" is not just a song; it's a sonic exploration of the modern world's complexities, brought to life by eLxAr Productions, a dynamic creative duo hailing from Italy. Comprising "L," a multi-talented pianist, composer, pixel artist, and game designer, and "A," an artist, poet, and singer, eLxAr Productions delves into the realms of Synthpop, New Wave, and Synthwave to craft music that speaks to the heart and soul.

This energetic track is more than just music; it's an emotional outcry, giving voice to the despair many feel as the modern world seems to slip further from their grasp, growing colder and more alienating with each passing day. In a society where the pursuit of money and the quest for likes often dominate, "Should I Go On" is a raw, inner shout turned into music, resonating with those who yearn for deeper connections and meaning.

eLxAr Productions is known for their intricate synthscapes and intricate melodies that weave stories through music and sound. Their compositional approach is a masterful blend of melody and harmony, creating music that ranges from fragile vulnerability to gritty intensity, and from energetic dynamism to profound sadness. They skillfully navigate a diverse sonic palette, breathing life and energy into their creations.

What sets eLxAr apart is their unwavering commitment to infuse emotion into every note. Whether capturing the pain of life's struggles or the triumph of its victories, their musical prowess serves as a conduit for the full spectrum of human feelings. Their lush synth palette, honed over years of experience, captures and conveys the intense sensations that accompany the highs and lows of existence. With eLxAr, music production isn't just a skill; it's a means to authentically express the depths of human experience.

In "Should I Go On," eLxAr Productions invites you on a musical journey that transcends genres. It's an invitation to explore the intricate soundscapes of the modern world, where emotion takes center stage. So, dive into the evocative world of eLxAr, and let the pulsating rhythms and rich harmonies of "Should I Go On" resonate with your innermost feelings, inviting you to reflect on the world around you and the desires of your own heart.


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