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British recording artist, producer and singer-songwriter Elliot James Mulhern (Hey Monday, Extremely Bad Man, Easton, Break Blossom) returns with INSUFFERABLE, new full length album and feature film. Praised and heavily championed editorially by Billboard, SoundCloud, AppleMusic, Spotify, Mahogany, Dunkin’ Donuts, DUMMY Magazine, CONTRAST Magazine, KCRW FM, Z100 FM, KEXP FM, and more on his last album album release last year. To us the artist is a new one on our radar but nonetheless we are happy about the achievements Elliot has been through, with "I Know" the single begins with what sounds like drums from a tr 909 we think, a vintage drum used in the 80s. The vocals grasp you immediately when you hear it and it hits you right in the chest, listen below.


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