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Elijah Blond - "Thoughts Like This"

Elijah Blond is a multi-genre singer/songwriter born in Vancouver, B.C. Raised in a small town on Vancouver Island, 23-year old Elijah has been honing his skills as a musician since the age of 10. Learning to play instruments at a young age, he then began producing and developing full tracks at 17 and has continued to develop his unique sound building an intersection between r&b and hip-hop. The newest single is mixed amazingly, the performance on the track from Elijah Blond were spectacular, but we must say, some lyrics were a bit questionable like the artist wrote everything while in their zone and extremely relaxed. The single sounds good when you're hearing it, but when truly listening lines like "hard to come down when you're smoking OG". As some might know, "OG" is a strain of Marijuana that is a hybrid but an indica leaning strain, which is meant to relax you, and it shouldn't be hard to "come down" after a grueling day in the average artist ' lifestyle. Just using as an example, we can tell there is still room to grow for Elijah artistically. Maybe he should've said "it's not hard to come down when you're smoking OG" as that might've been more relatable to the masses. There is room to grow and we are excited, listen below.



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