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Eli Moon With "Phases"

Eli Moon is an artist From South London, U.K. The single "Phases" is from his new EP "Angels Devils & Empty Vessels" Despite his relatively young age still the artist has found his signature sound already and is attacking it head on. The punchy bass line is reminiscent to electro pop already and the artist adds his own flavor with his contemporary r&b esque vocal style and writing. The production is also polished, with elements creeping in one by one and fillers like the toms to give it a true, vintage, pop vibe. Moon quotes on the track: “ Phases is a song about change. Whilst a lot of people seek comfort in life...if I stop for too long and become too comfortable I very quickly start to lose my mind! I wrote this song at a time where I needed something new." Get the keys to your car and make sure to take a listen now in the night.




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