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El Búho - "Cenizas de Agua"

Welcoming the latest creative endeavor from the innovative El Búho, "Cenizas de Agua," a track that's not just music to your ears but a feast for your eyes too with a bad ass video. This piece, housed under the indie electronic umbrella, is a blend of Cumbia and Future/UK Garage, released by Wonderwheel Recordings. El Búho, known for his cumbia, ambient, and Latin American folklore-infused sound, steps up his game in this new video version. Animator Kati Egely brings "Cenizas" to life, using a medley of techniques like watercolor and crayon to mirror the changing seasons, a vivid representation of the track's climate change theme. What makes this single stand out is its depth we personall think. It's from El Búho's fifth studio album, "Strata," which delves into the complex emotions of finding joy and gratitude amid a crumbling world. This theme isn't just conceptual, it's a reflection of El Búho's (Robin's) life as a long-time climate activist and co-founder of DJs for Climate Action. The video's artistic chaos, with its blend of cheerful music and darker imagery, mirrors the world's current state. It culminates in a striking 3D section, emphasizing the urgency of the climate crisis. "Cenizas De Agua" is a magical collaboration between El Búho and Fuel Fandango singer Nita. The track beautifully combines Nita’s deep, flamenco-trained vocals with El Búho’s crisp rhythms, cut-up vocal samples, pulsating pads, and a stuttering synth. It's an auditory journey that reflects our times, how we find happiness in little things while witnessing the world's depletion. Listen below to see what we mean.


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