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EJA - "Toxic, Irate, Delusional."

Introducing EJA's latest track, "Toxic, Irate, Delusional", a mesmerizing blend of Cloud Hop and Emo Hip-Hop with a dash of Trap elements. This single exudes a romantic, moody, and chill vibe, perfect for those who crave a blend of introspective lyricism with a laid-back beat.

What stands out in this track is its unique UK rap influence, reminiscent of artists like Central Cee. EJA brings a distinct flair to the genre, merging the rapid-fire delivery characteristic of UK rap with the emotive undertones of Emo Hip-Hop. The result is a sound that's both captivating and relatable, appealing to fans of both genres. The production quality of Toxic, Irate, Delusional deserves a special mention. The beat is crisp and well-crafted, providing the perfect backdrop for EJA's lyrical prowess. It's a testament to the skills of the producers behind the scenes, who have managed to create a sound that's both fresh and familiar. Not much else is known about this enigmatic artist, but this track alone speaks volumes. It's a promising glimpse into what EJA has to offer, and it's sure to resonate with anyone who appreciates the fusion of different hip-hop styles. If you're into hip-hop that's both reflective and rhythmically engaging, then this track is definitely worth your time. Listen now.


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