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Effemar - "Catch Your Breath" ft. SJ Lawrence

Effemar is an EDM duo from Switzerland, comprised of Doane Allan and Julien Grosjean. They emerged on the music scene in late 2020 with their debut single "Deep Sea" released on the German label Selected, which quickly gained popularity with its first 3 million streams within a month of release. Their subsequent singles, "Saturday Night" and "Needing Space," also saw huge success, gaining several million streams in a short amount of time. With their unique sound and concept, the duo has amassed over 25 million total streams and launched their own imprint label, Aube, where they continue to release both vocal and instrumental tracks.

Effemar's music features nostalgic melodies, dancy drums, and uplifting synth lines that appeal to fans of deep house, indie, and pop music. They also record their own vocal parts, which has become a signature feature of their sound. The duo aims to act as a bridge between underground and popular music while maintaining their strong identity.

Their latest single, "Catch Your Breath," featuring SJ Lawrence, was released on LABRNTH, a cutting-edge new label, and is a deep progressive gem that packs an emotional punch with its moody melodies and soulful vocals. It's something I would imagine people absolutely dancing to with nothing on their mind and a drink in hand. The track is both dancefloor-friendly and a meaningful sonic journey that will resonate with listeners.


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