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Eduardo - "For A While"

Eduardo, a remarkable performer and singer-songwriter, has gifted us with the soothing melodies of "For A While." Nestled within the realm of Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, this track stands as a testament to Eduardo's musical prowess, delivering a combination of compelling vocals and a captivating beat that draws listeners in.

Hailing from Lima, Peru, Eduardo's musical journey has taken him across continents to his current residence in the U.S. Throughout his career, he's embarked on musical voyages, enchanting audiences not only in the Southeast but also in musical hubs like California, Texas, and New York. These travels have seen him engage in fruitful collaborations across a spectrum of genres and with various artists, showcasing his versatile artistry.

Eduardo's dedication to his craft is evident in his academic pursuits as well. With a master's degree in literature and Hispanic studies, he's elevated his musical storytelling to another level, infusing his compositions with depth and nuance. His discography includes two albums and a compelling in-studio performance. The EP titled "Rusty Strings" left an indelible mark, even earning a nomination at Toronto's Independent Music Awards. Tracks like "La Farra," a standout from the EP, secured a victory in RadioAirplay's summer contest, while "Hole in the Wall" and "Complacency" garnered praise as "feel good tracks" from diverse publications.

Eduardo's musical journey continued with the release of "Sunrise," a poignant single that reverberates with warmth and charm. It's a soulful composition that encapsulates the essence of waiting for a brighter tomorrow and second chances at life. Released on July 5th, this track is available on all major music platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its comforting embrace.

Alec Cunningham of Memphis BLANK Newspaper aptly described Eduardo's music as carrying a "carefree attitude" while exuding sun-soaked beach vibes. The melodies he crafts possess an inherent magnetism that effortlessly engages listeners, standing strong even in comparison to well-established musicians within his genre. Listen below now.


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