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Edge Of Paradise x Judge & Jury x Caleb Hyles - "Disarm"

Introducing Edge Of Paradise, Judge & Jury, and Caleb Hyle with "Disarm," it's interesting how we felt connected to the song, personally in my life now this is the perfect single, as the lyrics are poetic, the vocals extremely powerful, and the drums knock your socks off. Falling into the genres of Alternative Rock, Symphonic Metal, and Melodic Metal, "Disarm" boasts an epic and energetic mood that echoes the styles of artists like Jonathan Young, NateWantsToBattle, Crimson Sun, and Phantom Elite. The inclusion of screamo elements adds an edgy intensity to the track though, contrasting brilliantly with the strong, melodic female vocals.

Caleb Hyles, one of the collaborators, first gained significant attention when he released his cover of Disney's "Let It Go" on YouTube in 2014. His channel quickly became a haven for fans of Disney, Broadway, Anime, and pop-rock covers and we can hear the connection here. With a YouTube following of over 1.5 million and more than a million monthly Spotify listeners, Caleb has proved himself to be a force in the online music community for sure, and together Edge Of Paradise, Judge & Jury, and Caleb Hyles deliver. Listen now!


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