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EDES With His Captivating Track "Fire In My Mind"

Introducing Upcoming artist EDES he is a nu disco/happy house artist and producer from Norway, who loves getting people to dance to the tones of warm analog synths and groovy rhythms. Recognized by feel good vibes, upbeat disco sensations, and lush soundscapes, his tracks fit both for a sunny day by the pool, or for a night on the dance floor. EDES initially made a name for himself as a prolific remixer, emerging on the scene in late 2018 as he placed 2nd in a remix competition for US artist VERITÉ. Since then, he has methodically developed his sound, winning another competition for Elijah Will/Classified and remixing for standout artists such as Rat City, Anjulie, Funk LeBlanc and Hanne Leland. Since the start of 2020 he has been steadily releasing original tracks, building his catalogue of groovy, feel good nu-disco/electropop vibes, receiving praise from music tastemakers and fans alike.

Following his newest single "Fire In My Mind" he perfectly executes the track so effortlessly. Starting the track with a groovy beat leading onto his captivating and luscious vocals. The track has such a groovy beat that just makes you wanna dance and feel good. It carries great energy and the whole track is just filled with great tunes that anyone has the ability to enjoy it. To explain the track further it's about those relationships that you simply cannot get out of your head, to the point that it is getting toxic. He really likes contrasting happy music with darker lyrics and this one is definitely doing that. It's an amazing track and surely one that should definitely be stuck on replay. Go stream "Fire In My Mind" and check out all his great music.



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