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Dylan Meek - "All I Need, Part Ii"

Introducing Dylan Meek today with "All I Need Part 2" Dylan Meek’s new full length record, All I Need, is a prism filled with sunlight and songs that worship freedom. It holds the collective swagger of the hundreds of masters that Dylan has collaborated with since he was a young boy, transmuted through a new century, through love songs and heart sleeve confessions and synthesis and humor. This is soul in space. The human voice exploding. If Nelson Riddle and D’angelo ran an icehouse on the Devil’s Backbone, this is the music they would book on a Saturday night. The single is very reminiscent to Prince in the essence of funk and groove, the artist does a tremendous job at using his high register and delivering amazing flavor. We think Dylan has what it takes to become a star of the future if he keeps doing what he's doing. Listen below.


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