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Dyedhairsuicide - “Cadillac”

Dyedhairsuicide's latest single, "Cadillac," is a powerful and emotional track that tells the story of the artist's experiences hitching freight trains around America in their teenage years. The song is a message to a lover who accompanied them on these travels, expressing the desire to settle down and put an end to the nomadic lifestyle.

But "Cadillac" isn't just a love song – it also touches on the artist's struggles with their lover's family, who disapproved of their unconventional lifestyle. Through raw and heartfelt lyrics, Dyedhairsuicide delves into the difficulties and challenges faced in their relationship.

The song's unique blend of folk punk lyrics and emo rap instrumentals adds to its emotive power, making it a truly memorable and powerful listen. And the fact that Dyedhairsuicide produced, wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered the song themselves only adds to its authenticity and raw emotion.

Fans of Dyedhairsuicide's music will definitely want to give "Cadillac" a listen, and anyone who appreciates raw and emotional storytelling set to a unique and catchy soundtrack will find a lot to love in this track.


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