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Dwen - “Purple”

London-based experimental lofi-folk-R&B trio Dwen is set to release their debut EP, Leoht Farn, on 27th January 2023. To celebrate the news, the band has released a visualizer for their new single “Purple”, which is out now.

Described as a “blissed-out visualizer for new single ‘Purple’”, the track is a laid-back, hashish-drenched stoner R&B that is packed with tongue-in-cheek references to the likes of Prince and Afroman. “Purple” is a literal embodiment of the band’s interests in psychedelics, meditation, magick, and out-of-body blissfulness, with tight songwriting and a repeat-worthy, hazy atmosphere.

“Channelling washed-out psychedelics and surfy guitars warped through a haze of Campfire Headphase nostalgia, with a touch of Connan Mockasin surrealism and a Reckonwrong meets Afroman inspired ending, ‘Purple’ is as whacked out as it sounds. It's about pareidolia, daydreaming, and active imagination; an evocation of Santa Maria, Ishtar, mother nature, enjoyed while lying down in an open field on a sunny day under the influence of her very own sacramental plants. The track may be best enjoyed in similar fashion (sunshine and an open field optional),” said the band about the track.


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