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Introducing Florida Artist Dustin Hill with "No Delays"

Introducing upcoming star Dustin Hill, A 20 year old Artist and Producer born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. Happy to say we have some more artists out here in South Florida. His father was the person who initially introduced him to music when he was around 6 years old and It has been the main focus of his life ever since. During his time studying/playing classical percussion at school, he fell in love with Hip Hop and R&B music. At 11 years old he had his first song written and recorded and has not stopped releasing music since. He quickly learned how to produce, write, record, mix, and master all of his own songs to avoid being on other peoples time and was able to stay consistent. Over the years with lots of patience and persistence he was able to grow a decent size fan base and amass over a million streams on Soundcloud alone as well as being apart of some amazing and successful songs by other artists whether it be producing, mixing, or featuring.

    His most recent release titled “No Delays” is the start of a new chapter in his life and was made with the idea of not wasting any more time in mind. Of course along the journey he has had plenty doubts and just as many ups and downs, but somehow he still fully believes that things will work in his favor if he keeps the faith, just like how this song has that same energy. He can only hope that when people listen, it gives them a push and a sense of inspiration that they can apply to any endeavor in their lives. Make sure to check it out now!


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