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DROZ - "9 2 7"

Introducing DROZ with the latest single "9 2 7". The music is City Pop straight out of Essex. The musician tells us "This is the first single of my second EP, rent free. The EP is the story of a relationship doomed to fail, and the mistakes a younger version of himself made, allowing and longing for his life to be defined by another. The narrative follows my drunken journey to realisation; from wishing to give the world to the one I love, to heartbreak and, finally, to peace." The single is quite the vintage sounding one to us. The musician is reminiscent to tame impala in the record we think. It sounds reminiscen to the late 70's, and has the jazz flavor. The artist carries it all maintaining a modern sound as well with the thick mix. The singing is just something that falls easy on the ears we think as well. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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