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Droeloe - "Foolish Fish"

Netherlands-based indie electronic maestro, Vincent Rooijers, known by his artistic moniker DROELOE, is making waves in the music scene with his latest release, "Foolish Fish." This surprise new single, dropped today via AEI Music on September 8, 2023, offers a tantalizing glimpse into DROELOE's creative universe.

"Foolish Fish" is a testament to DROELOE's mastery of crafting unpredictable sonic tapestries. It's a musical journey that starts with intricate lyrical melodies, progressively building up to a climactic drop featuring thumping drums and shimmering synths. The track is an electrifying experience that leaves listeners both mesmerized and awestruck by its conclusion.

But that's not all. DROELOE is taking fan engagement to the next level by giving them an exclusive opportunity to be among the first to experience his upcoming debut solo album, 'The Art of Change.' This sneak peek is available via Bandcamp, providing a special treat for die-hard fans eager to dive into DROELOE's musical evolution before the official release.

'The Art of Change' promises to be a captivating journey through time and place. DROELOE incorporates recorded voice memos as a 'feedback loop,' engaging in conversations with his past and future selves using snippets from audio cassettes and journal entries. This creative process results in a range of emotions throughout the album, from resolution to motivation, gratitude, and fearlessness.

But here's the kicker: fans can actively participate in the album experience through DROELOE's website. They can write a message to their future selves, which will be sent back to them in a year. Additionally, DROELOE has penned a series of written essays that delve into the philosophical underpinnings behind the creation of 'The Art of Change.' This multi-dimensional approach to the album, filled with hidden 'easter eggs,' codes, and games, elevates the listening experience to a whole new level.

DROELOE's unique ability to blend a commercially appealing sound with abstract, mind-bending sonic layers has garnered him attention across the pop, indie, and electronic spaces. Artists like Charli XCX and Illenium have tapped him for official remixes, and he has consistently maintained a substantial following with 1.3 million monthly streams and over 110,000 devoted fans. With support from industry giants like Spotify and Amazon, who have featured him prominently in their editorials and playlists, DROELOE's musical journey is one that continues to captivate and surprise audiences worldwide.


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