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Drew The First With His Upbeat Track "Vibez You Know"

Introducing upcoming artist Drew The First who is singer and a bedroom producer currently based in East London who projects a very captivating sound when ever you first listen to any of his tracks. He was a UK Funky and Old School garage MC, now a multi-instrumentalist he produce's his own music and for other artist such as Albert Gold, Grace Sees and others. Following his newest single "Vibez You Know" he has a groovy rhythm to the track that'll instantly have your body moving. Starting the track with a upbeat sound leading onto his ear catching vocals you will truly be intrigued. The actual chorus to 'Vibez You Know' was written in 2008 but he couldn't find a track for it to live on, but now it finally has a home. What I also enjoyed from this track was the intro of the song that contained a snippet of his favorite Def Jam comedy sketch by the legend Bernie Mac (R.I.P) If your into body moving tracks then this will surly be a track for you. Stream "Vibez You Know and check out his discography which is filled with other great tracks.






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