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Dre Ishmail - “Lost in My Thoughts”

Dre Ishmail's latest single, "Lost in My Thoughts," is set to be released on all major platforms on November 20, 2022. This alternative hip hop/trip hop song was influenced by UK Bristol rapper Tricky and the production style of Portishead.

The theme of the song is depression and mental health, and as a black British artist who has experienced these issues himself, Dre Ishmail feels that it will be relatable to many listeners.

Dre Ishmail is a multi-talented artist with a wide range of musical influences, including hip hop, trip hop, trap, electronica, LoFi, and R&B. He blends these genres in his music to create a unique sound. In 2012, he was part of vocal collective UDVC, which gave him the opportunity to perform at Hackney Weekender alongside both up-and-coming and established acts from around the world.

As a rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter, Dre Ishmail delivers thought-provoking, relatable experiences in his music. With his rapid delivery, flow, punchlines, wordplay, metaphors, and double entendres, he has a strong passion for his art and a great optimism for the future. Whether expressing himself through his music or connecting with his audience, Dre Ishmail has a strong talent for connecting with people as a creative.


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