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dragonmuzic - "Skyline"

Introducing Dragonmuzic's latest single "Skyline." This track is a stunning instrumental piece that effortlessly blends the realms of Vaporwave and Synthwave we think here, creating an audio experience that's both relaxing and vividly colorful. There's a distinct vintage touch to it, reminiscent of the iconic sounds of Vangelis we also think personally in some moments, which inevitably brings to mind the atmospheric depths of "Blade Runner." "Skyline" unfolds slowly, enveloping you in its dreamy synth layers. The track is rich in texture, evoking a sense of nostalgia and futuristic dreams intertwined. It's the kind of music that paints a picture in your mind, possibly of neon-lit cityscapes or of serene, starlit skies. Dragonmuzic seems to have drawn inspiration from the likes of Miami Nights 1984, FM-84, and Timecop1983. We think if you like these artists, then the track will find a familiar comfort in the retro vibes and synth-driven melodies. It's a homage to the classic Synthwave/Retrowave style, yet Dragonmuzic injects their unique flair into it, making it distinctly their own. For those who appreciate the musical stylings of The Midnight and Miami Nights 1984, "Skyline" is a must-listen.


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