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DRAGG x Korusbird - "Last Forever"

Introducing the mesmerizing collaboration between DRAGG x Korusbird, "Last Forever," a track that effortlessly blends Cloud Hop, Emo Hip-Hop, and Alternative/Indie R&B. This song is a romantic and sexy masterpiece, reminiscent of the styles of iconic artists like SZA, Frank Ocean, and Ciara."Last Forever" features the exceptional Zimbabwean vocalist Korusbird, joining forces with the talented blind South African rapper DRAGG. The track is a seductive electro R&B groove, imbued with soulful production by Johannesburg producer gTbeats and DRAGG's vibrant autotune cloud rap verses. The nocturnal aura of the song is enchanting, pulsating with funky synth harmonies and blending velvety lyrical lines with tantalizing hip-hop rhythms. We think this single is for fans of Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild), Frank Ocean, and SZA, "Last Forever" is not just a single but a prelude to DRAGG's upcoming trap soul album "Mixed Feelings," set to release in February 2024. Make sure to take a listen and be on the look out.


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