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Dr.Chaos74 - "Saluting the Sun"

Dr.Chaos74 is an Austrian musician and producer known for his versatility in covering a wide range of electronic music genres, from House and Lo-Fi to Chill, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass. His latest instrumental single, "Saluting the Sun", is a smooth and bright Drum & Bass track that features a thick mix and a light feel.

The track falls under the Light Drum & Bass category and is perfect for creating a chill and moody atmosphere, with an epic touch. Fans of Muffler, Camo&Crooked, and Etherwood will find Dr.Chaos74's style familiar and appealing.

If you're looking for melodic and dynamic tracks that cycle between relaxation, tension, and excitement, then check out Dr.Chaos74's Spotify profile. With his ability to move between styles seamlessly, you're bound to find a track that suits your mood and taste.


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