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Dover Lynn Fox - "Lone Star"

Dover Lynn Fox is a talented singer-songwriter who has just released a new single called "Lone Star." The song was inspired by a full moon and tells a story of discovery, change, and independence.

According to Dover, "I wrote the lyrics to 'Lone Star' one night, during a full moon. I had a story I wanted to tell and these lyrics tied my story of discovery, change and independence all together. In the summer of 2019" it was released by Honorary Human Music.

Coming out of Burlington, Canada, Dover is a musician to watch. She mixes elements of indie-pop, folk, and rock to create a distinctive sound that is all her own. She is passionate about narrative, and her lyrics are stormy and sincere, focusing on crafting a unique story for each song.

If you're a fan of singer-songwriters and you're looking for something fresh and exciting, then you need to check out Dover Lynn Fox and her latest single "Lone Star." This is an artist who is sure to make waves in the music world.


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