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Double Pleasure - "Flower Child"

Double Pleasure = twice the satisfaction, their ode to the ‘Flowerchild’ as free spirited as the object of their fascination. The Belgian pair keep the vibe nice and loose in a distinctive clip-clop groove, offering shade for when things get too heated with tropical feels and mid-paced beats edging towards the dancefloor without wandering too far from the pool. The breathy vocal, somewhere adrift on memory bliss, marvels at the image of someone without a care in the world, and soon you’ll be feeling the same way. The newest single is a feel good and light hearted single, involving the singer to sing to a significant other and describing her as a peaceful, fun, warm hearted "flower child". The person Double Pleasure are making the subject of the single this time is definitely someone who takes life easily and this is an ode to them. When it comes down to the performance of the single, The singing here is absolutely fantastic with the light and airy vocals, listen below! The single is supported with remixes from Benny Bennassi as well.


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