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Don Toliver - “Do It Right” (Jakk'd 'Funk' Remix) (Remix by Jakk'd )

Don Toliver's hit single "Do It Right" has just been given a fresh and funky makeover by Jakk'd in their new remix. This upbeat and energetic track takes Toliver's original and adds a healthy dose of funk, resulting in a dancefloor-ready banger.

Jakk'd's remix of "Do It Right" begins with the iconic feel of the original, but quickly adds a driving beat and funky bassline. The result is a track that is full of energy and groove, sure to get even the most hesitant of dancers moving.

But what really sets this remix apart is the way it incorporates elements of Toliver's original vocals. Jakk'd incorporates snippets of Toliver's vocals throughout the track, adding a layer of familiarity and nostalgia to the remix. This clever use of sampling adds an extra dimension to the track, making it a must-listen for fans of both Don Toliver and Jakk'd.

Overall, Jakk'd's "Do It Right" remix is a fresh and exciting take on a popular song. If you're a fan of funky beats and danceable grooves, be sure to give this remix a listen. It's sure to become a favorite on your playlist.


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