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San Lorenzo - "Don't Mind Me (prod. Bonus Stage!)" A DeathorDesire Exclusive

DeathorDesire's first exclusive with upcoming artist San Lorenzo. He's an artist from Austin TX, who has been making music for quite some time now, posting on Soundcloud ever since the age of 14 and has now given us a killer track with his recent release "Don't Mind Me (Prod. Bonus Stage!)". Just with the start of this track you can already feel the intensity behind it providing a chopped and slowed beginning just giving you that head nodding sensation. His influences vary from Jim Morrison, Lou Reed, Mac Miller and Lucki. He typically focuses on Hip/Hop but also plays in a psychedelic band called "Tide Spirit" where he produces and plays guitar for. So If your into Hip Hop this is surely a track you would want to check out.This track is DeathorDesire's first exclusive and it's the first of many fire tracks to come!


Twitter: @heavensentences

Instagram: @heavensentence



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