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Don Forty With His Outstanding Track "Celebration"

Don Forty is an upcoming artist who is the Founder and Creative behind Triple Four Sound, and there's not a corner of the spectrum he can't reach. Don Forty continues showcasing his versatility and calm demeanor on his tracks, while captivating his listeners with sounds and cadences that bring forth emotion and true feeling. Divinely guided, Don Forty continues to break barriers in the industry and create music that will stand the test of time. Following the release of his newest single "Celebration" he projects a very booming track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting the track with an upbeat sound leading onto his bold and luscious vocal he completes the track entirely. Explaining the track further Don Forty presents "Celebration" as his debut single, as a congratulations to him hitting the music industry and setting stones for what's yet to come. To the vocals and production this track will surely get your body moving. Being just perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Celebration" and be on the look out for his next release "Serene" which is set to released mid 2021.



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