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Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Obi Psalms - "Elevation"

Introducing "Elevation" by Doctor Gosso & the Samplers featuring Obi Psalms, a meditative and smooth jazz hip-hop track straight from South East London. This song, deeply rooted in Hip-Hop and Conscious Hip-Hop, talks about the importance of taking a moment for self-reflection and rising above the daily urban noise, especially in a bustling city like London. The mood of "Elevation" is inherently chill, inviting listeners to a state of meditation and relaxation. Doctor Gosso, a London-based duo, has built their sound on a mutual passion for classic jazz, boom-bap, and Beat Generation poetry. Their music is a testament to their goal since 2018 - to combine the elements of jazz with the vibrancy and energy of hip-hop, creating a soothing and laid-back mood. The track encapsulates Doctor Gosso's unique style, which seamlessly blends jazz music's soothing elements with hip-hop's rhythm and energy. Their approach to music creation is evident in their first single "Overcrowded Beaches," released in 2019, and continues in "Elevation." The band has a knack for marrying bossa nova flutes and strings with cutting-edge synthesized basslines, creating a sound that's both contemporary and deeply rooted in jazz and hip-hop traditions. We think this is for those fans who enjoy the sounds of jazz hip-hop and those seeking a chill, meditative track sort of in a way reminiscent to Kendrick Lamar, "Elevation" is a must-listen.


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