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Doc Samson - "Bucktown, USA"

Johnathan Ruiz, better known as Doc Samson, is an American rapper, multi- instrumentalist, and record producer from Bakersfield, California. Doc’s style of production has progressed immensely from dark and grimy to more of an inspirational based genre originating from sounds of the past. Doc is a new artist on our radar but one that we defintely see becoming a star of the future this single "Bucktown, USA" is proof in the pudding. The music video is even more fun and shows the artists full fledged energy as he moves around in enviorment strategically chosen for the single. It represents where he is indeed from and we love and appreciate the represintation. The artist looks like they are still developing so we simply can't wait to see what else comes out after releasing this banger of a single. Listen below.


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