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Doc Martin Introduces His Sensual Track "Obsession"

Introducing an amazing artist known as Doc Martin he is an American singer, songwriter, keyboardist, lawyer, and activist. Born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, in the historic Central Avenue Jazz District, Martin first began singing in the church around the age of 7 and describes music as his first love. The irony is that before discovering that music was his true love, he envisioned himself being a lawyer, and then running for office, as he idolized Barack Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. However it wasn’t until he actually began performing in LA nightclubs, singing before the likes of Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, and Bobby Brown while applying to law school that he recognized that music was his true passion. “As soon as I graduated from law school and became a lawyer, I knew that I had to pursue music because that’s my true love,” Martin said. In 2017, he became the lead singer of the band, Brownsuede, where he recorded songs such as “The One,” “How to Do Dat” and “Fade Away,” each of which has received a degree of critical acclaim in blogs such as VoyageLA,, ilovetheindustrymusic, and Bong Mines Entertainment to name a few. Following the release of his newest single "Obsession," he projects a very sensual track that will definitely intrigue your ears. Beginning with soothing instrumentation leading onto his luscious and soft vocals he completes the single fully. Explaining the track further it's a nice little slow jam about a guy infatuated with and obsessed over the woman of his dreams. Also, a nice treat Ne-Yo was featured on the track, by doing the intro. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you vibing. Just perfect for a late-night drive or hanging out with your love. Go stream "Obsession".



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