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DMF Musa - “I Feel”

DMF Musa is a rapper from St. Louis with a distinct style and a way with words. His latest single, "I Feel", showcases his skill as a storyteller and his talent as a rapper.

In "I Feel", DMF Musa tells the story of a man caught between the excitement of a potential illicit relationship and the risks and complications that come with it. He conveys a range of emotions, from arousal and intrigue to irritation and outrage, all with a smooth flow and incisive wordplay.

The track is set to a sultry, synthesizer-spiked beat that perfectly complements DMF Musa's style. His voice is processed and colored just enough to amplify his emotions and drive his points home. "I Feel" is a great example of the kind of genre-defying hip-hop that has long been associated with St. Louis.

In the accompanying video, directed by Real Woosie, DMF Musa is a magnetic screen presence, conveying all the moods and emotions present in the song's lyrics. The action takes place in a clothing store with a secret love chamber in the back, adding to the drama and intrigue of the song.

Overall, "I Feel" is a must-listen for fans of skillful, storytelling hip-hop. DMF Musa is a rapper to watch, and his latest single is a great example of his talent.


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