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DJ Blighty With His Groovy Track "Love Me"

Adam Blighty professionally known as DJ Blighty is an international DJ & Producer from the U.K. who's loyal fan base is fast growing, not only in the U.K. but the world over, due to his far reaching DJ mixes on the MixCloud platform as well as his original production & remixes. His mix shows regularly see him trending top 5 worldwide, alongside some world renowned household names, as well as topping individual genre charts each week. At present, his MixCloud channel has over 16,000,000 online streams amassing an astronomical 210,000,000 listener minutes, making him the most listened to DJ worldwide in his respective genres. His popularity see's him regularly called in for guest mixes on national radio stations, namely BBC Radio 1xtra, Kiss FM & Capital Xtra, he's also had a mix aired on Dj Whoo Kid's primetime Saturday show on Eminem's Shade 45 Radio station in New York City. Following the release of his newest single "Love Me" he projects a very captivating sound that'll instantly grab your ears. Starting the track with an EDM beat leading onto luscious female vocals. This track would be perfect for a party or spending time at the beach. It projects a very full sound and a booming feeling that you feel throughout the track. If your ever feeling down and want a track to captivate your ears and feeling this will surly be a track for you. Go stream "Love Me" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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