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disxvamp x Injizera- "Sweet Fire" (feat. Injizera)

Introducing disxvamp x Injizera with their electrifying track "Sweet Fire," a perfect fusion of Electro Pop and Synthpop. This energetic, moody, and dark song punches through the speakers with a hard-hitting beat that's quintessentially electronic.

When listening to even the first few seconds we can tell that "Sweet Fire" is just the beginning for disxvamp x Injizera, and it's clear that they're a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

"Sweet Fire" stands out for its female vocals, which bring a vintage 80s feel to the track, especially noticeable around the 0:40 mark. It's an ultra-catchy electropop blast, reminiscent of the soundscapes created by Ladytron and Icona Pop, yet it carries its unique flair.

The debut release of the Swedish–Japanese group disxvamp, "Sweet Fire" has already garnered raves at pre-release listening parties for its anthemic, not-remotely-safe-for-work chorus. This track is not just a song; it's a statement, showcasing the group's ability to blend nostalgic influences with modern electropop trends. Listen below now!


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