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Dirty Needles - "Ocean Sunrise" prod. by Reese Tanaka

Welcoming the dynamic blend of rap and conscious hip-hop in Dirty Needles' new track, "Ocean Sunrise," produced by the talented Philly producer Reese Tanaka. This release, hailing from Ohio emcee Dirty Needles and brought to life by SLC Music, is a testament to the robust and evolving world of hip-hop.

"Ocean Sunrise" is a captivating journey through moody, energetic, and epic soundscapes, drawing inspiration from the BoomBap genre which we love for its grittiness. The track features loud and thick vocals, showcasing Dirty Needles' poetic writing style, which carries a sense of urgency, almost as if there's a significant message that needed to be unleashed. The delivery is fun and dynamic, reminiscent of the unique styles of E-40. What sets "Ocean Sunrise" apart is its enchanting beat, echoing the genius of producers like J Dilla. The use of an enchanting piano sample adds a layer of depth and sophistication to the track, creating an atmosphere that's both introspective and uplifting. We think this is good for those who appreciate the art of storytelling through rap and the mesmerizing rhythms of conscious hip-hop, "Ocean Sunrise" by Dirty Needles is a must-listen.


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