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DiRTY MiRRORS x PAPERS MUSIC - "dumb slip."

If you're looking for a track to get you moving and feeling good, look no further than "dumb slip" by DiRTY MiRRORS x PAPERS MUSIC.

The collaboration between producer DiRTY MiRRORS and vocalist PAPERS is a perfect blend of electro pop and UK garage, resulting in a fun and energetic track that's sure to put a smile on your face. PAPERS' charisma shines through as she encourages listeners to get up and enjoy themselves, and the infectious beat produced by DiRTY MiRRORS will have you bouncing along in no time.

Despite being friends and working on each other's various projects for years, "dumb slip" marks the first official release between DiRTY MiRRORS and PAPERS. But with such a great result, we hope to see more collaborations from them in the future.

DiRTY MiRRORS is the solo project of South London producer and composer Louis Souyave, who has created a reputation for his innovative blend of electronic and hip-hop music. PAPERS, on the other hand, is a rising star in the UK music scene known for her unique vocal style and confident stage presence.

So turn up the volume, stand up, and let the upbeat vibes of "dumb slip" take over. It's the perfect track to get your body moving and your spirits lifted.


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