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Dirty D x Dubl A - “Chromatose”

Welcome to our latest blog post about the talented musicians Dirty D and Dubl A and their new single "Chromatose"!

"Chromatose" is the first track on the upcoming release by JUNK called Chromatose, and it's a true masterpiece of musical composition. This track is the result of a formal blending of the minds of Dirty D, a saxophone junkie, and Dubl A, a bass-minded musical theory master. Together, they have created a work of art that attacks the senses with what can only be described as musical narcotics.

"Chromatose" sends the listener on a journey through multiple emotional transformations, using the Chromatic scale and multiple genres to create a seamless and cohesive work of art. Is it jazz? Is it funk? It's all of that and everything in between.

Overall, "Chromatose" is a must-listen for any fan of musical innovation and experimentation. Welcome to the musical world of JUNK! Be sure to check out the track and follow Dirty D and Dubl A on social media.


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