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Introducing "OUT THE WAY" by DIRTY BROWN BOYS, a dynamic track that merges Rap, Phonk, and elements of Cloud Hop/Emo Hip-Hop. This single emanates an energetic and experimental mood, appealing to fans of artists like Xavier Wulf, $uicideboy$, and LUCKI. Hailing from Austin, Texas, AGP & Majin Zedrick, the duo that forms DIRTY BROWN BOYS, bring a fresh and raw energy to the scene we think and really show off their potential here in a good light.

"OUT THE WAY" stands out particularly for its Xavier Wulf-like delivery, showcasing the young artists' ability to channel the intensity and style of established names while infusing their own unique flair. The musicians are youbng but that doesnt stop them to start something new. The track is a testament to the duo's talent and potential in the rapidly evolving rap genre. The energy in "OUT THE WAY" is great, driven by a combination of hard-hitting beats and innovative lyrical flows. The duo's approach to music is not just about creating songs but about crafting experiences that resonate with listeners, particularly those who appreciate the convergence of different hip-hop sub-genres. DIRTY BROWN BOYS manage to capture the essence of their influences while pushing the boundaries of their music, making "OUT THE WAY" a standout track for those who seek rap music that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Their experimental approach to sound and style makes this track a must-listen for anyone looking to dive into the new wave of hip-hop. Listen now.


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