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Digvalley - “I Had You”

Welcome to our latest blog post about the talented musician Digvalley and his new single "I Had You"!

"I Had You" is a dreamy, vocal-driven pop track about love and loss. It's a song that has been in the works for three years until its final version was realized in 2022. After an abundance of successful collaborations and recently breaking five million streams on Spotify, Digvalley is back for his first pure solo single in three years.

The production of "I Had You" is top-notch, with a dreamy and ethereal backing track that creates a sense of space and atmosphere. Digvalley's vocals are smooth and emotive, perfectly conveying the feelings of love and loss. The lyrics are introspective and heartfelt, making this track a perfect choice for fans of emotive pop music.

Overall, "I Had You" is a great track for fans of dreamy, vocal-driven pop music. If you're looking for a track that is both introspective and emotive, this is the perfect choice. Be sure to check it out and follow Digvalley on social media to stay up to date on all of his latest releases.


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